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VISTA Expertise Network is a nonprofit organization that has applied for 501(c)(3) status. It is comprised of computer professionals with deep knowledge of the award-winning medical software suite known as VISTA (and its variants including CHCS and RPMS). VISTA automates all aspects of a medical facility's operations from patient information to administration and billing, including labs, pharmacy, and physician interface. Working with national experts and project managers, VISTA software engineers deliver onsite and remote services to support hospitals and clinics to fully exploit the remarkable potential of this public-domain software.

VISTA Expertise Network exists to provide the hospitals and clinics with the knowledge and experience needed for rapid and smooth implementation of VISTA.

The network formed in response to the unmet technology needs of the medical community. As government-funded open source software, the hundred plus modules of VISTA are available without license fees, yet less than one percent of U.S. hospitals and clinics have taken advantage of VISTA to automate their operations, and adoption rates are even lower internationally. In spite of its successes and worldwide reputation for excellence, the potential of VISTA to improve healthcare and lower costs remains largely unexploited because implementation requires significant resources and organizational change. To reap VISTA's benefits and smooth its introduction means leveraging the collective experience of those that conceived the platform and understand the nuances unique to its successful adoption. VISTA Expertise Network exists to provide hospitals and clinics with the knowledge and experience needed for rapid and smooth implementation of VISTA. We also exist to serve those already using VISTA, but lacking ongoing support.

The network is comprised of many of the original VISTA architects, VISTA package experts, documenters and verifiers offering their time and knowledge on a full-time or part-time basis. Engagement teams group these individuals with project managers to help medical organizations achieve their VISTA-related goals. The VISTA Expertise Network shares some people with the VISTA Hardhats organization and some values too -- both organizations share a passion for VISTA and are motivated by a not-for-profit mentality. Whereas Hardhats provides the forum for VISTA discussion, quick solutions, and Q&A, the VISTA Expertise Network provides full-service support both remote and onsite.

The VISTA Expertise Network is the only organization following the VISTA cultural model that includes: a multi-tiered support architecture; user-driven development cycle; convergent community code base; and an autonomous package-based team approach. A thorough dedication to this VISTA culture and its method guarantees successful implementation and secures ongoing evolution. This approach was developed to respect the unique needs of healthcare professionals and to account for the subtle differences in operating procedures at different medical facilities.

Our Mission
To improve people's health by changing the way medical software is developed, distributed, and supported.