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VISTA Craftsmanship

Paideia is a learn-do-teach model of education. The lectures, readings, and exercises expose students to VISTA-development concepts and strategies. The hands-on projects (which are created by students and released to the community) create automatic and efficient habits and student confidence. Mentoring other students, writing Vistapedia articles or chapters of new textbooks, and teaching Paideia courses both complete students' comprehension of VISTA development and also increase our community's capacity to train the following generations of students. We are aiming for a snowball effect, in which today's students become tomorrow's teachers.

The Paideia Project only directly aims to create the next generation of VISTA journeymen, because the only path to mastery requires years of on-the-job experience for which there are no shortcuts. In the past, VISTA education was almost entirely on-the-job, with occasional spot training to strengthen specific skills. Front loading that process of mastery with in-depth strategic education will significantly reduce the time it takes to create the next generation of VISTA journeymen, priming the pump to get our next generation of journeymen started into the years of experience they will need to achieve true mastery.

Each apprentice, journeyman, and master engages in all three Paideia activities (learning, doing, teaching), with different degrees of emphasis reflecting their different levels of ability, and with different corresponding roles to play in the community.