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Art Smith is a director of the VISTA Expertise Network and serves as the chair of the board of directors. Mr. Smith became a director with the Network's incorporation on 21 May 2007. He was elected chair at the first meeting of the board on 17 August 2007.

Mr. Smith received an M.S. in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Delaware in 1985, and has been employed in the information-technology field ever since. For eighteen years, he served as the principal programmer/analyst for the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri-Columbia before becoming a full-time freelance photographer in 2009.

Mr. Smith has been active in the MUMPS community during that tenure, serving on the board of directors for the M Technology Association, and as a member representative, subcommittee chair, and chairman of the MUMPS Development Committee. He has taught MUMPS classes to VA employees under contract with ESI, and has presented many talks and written numerous articles in support of MUMPS. Mr. Smith has been active in other standards activities through his membership on the Standards Subcommittee of the Informatics Committee of the Veterinary Medical Association and membership in the Context Modeling Working Group of SNOMED.

In addition to these technical interests, Art enjoys playing tuba in a semi-professional ensemble, the ShowMe Brass Band.


George Lilly is a MUMPS developer and project manager of new open-source VISTA packages which add capabilities to VISTA required for Meaningful Use.

He develops and maintains the oRo eRx ePrescribing package, funded by Oroville Hospital, which adds ePrescribing capability to VISTA. He was lead developer and is the maintainer of the C0C CCR/CCD package which generates from VISTA a standards based XML document of a patient's clinical information. He is the design and project lead for the VistACom package which uses mobile web technology to provide a VISTA user interface for interoperability and quality/meaningful use measurement and reporting. He has developed the C0Q Quality Reporting package which automates the tracking and reporting of Quality and Meaningful Use measures in VISTA.

He is CIO of WorldVistA and was instrumental in getting WorldVistA EHR 2.0 certified for both inpatient and outpatient Meaningful Use.

He received a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Illinois in 1974. He has had a thirty year career as a programmer, management consultant, and technical architect, and executive for firms that include IBM, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Software Tools Corp. (founder and president), McLaughlin & Associates (partner), Technology Solutions Company (Sr. Vice President), eLoyalty (Sr. Vice President). He has expertise in HIPPA and served for a number of years as a HIPPA consultant to non-profits.

Mr. Lilly is an avid Argentine Tango dancer, and performs tango as Tango Coordinator of the dance company American Creative Dance.


Eileen Gormly is a director of the VISTA Expertise Network and serves as the secretary of the board of directors. Miss Gormly became a director with the Network's incorporation on 21 May 2007. She was elected secretary at the first meeting of the board on 17 August 2007.

Miss Gormly is currently an Information Security Officer at VA Puget Sound in Seattle Washington. She has worked for the Department of Veteran Affairs for just under 20 years and spent four and a half years in the U.S. Coast Guard. As a U.S. Veteran who uses the VA Healthcare System, Miss Gormly has been on both sides of VISTA/CPRS and is very passionate about the utility and elegance of this medical system.

In her career at the VA, Miss Gormly has been a Medicine Residency Coordinator, a VISTA/CPRS Trainer, a Clinical Applications Coordinator, Help Desk Support, a basic M programmer for VISTA, one of the Assistant VISTA Managers, and then transitioned, thru a brief detour at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, into Information Security at the Seattle VA.

In her not so copious spare time, Miss Gormly volunteers at the local library where she is a library guild member. She also sits on the Board of the Directors of the Distributed Proofreaders Foundation, where she is also a volunteer. Oh, and she reads a lot, plays D&D and Rock Band, and gardens a little.


Gail Eck is a director of the VISTA Expertise Network. She became a director with the Network in August 2013.

Ms. Eck received a bachelor's degree in business administration, with a major in personnel management from the University of Toledo, Ohio in 1969, and immediately began her career at the VA in human resources.

Ms. Eck spent almost fifteen years in human resources in the VA, serving as human-resources director at three different VA health care systems. She took a brief break to begin her family, and returned to the VA as an administrative officer for surgical service, anesthesiology service, and the operating room. It was in this capacity that she became very familiar with VISTA/CPRS and its applicability to documenting surgical and anesthesia procedures.

After 12 years supporting the surgical/anesthesia program, Ms. Eck joined the executive office working in the capacity of executive assistant to the associate chief of staff for ambulatory care, the chief of staff, the deputy director, and the health care system director. During her 12 years in the executive office, she worked with VISTA/CPRS packages that support clinic operations, laboratory, medical records, and pharmacy support services.

Ms. Eck retired from the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2009, after a thirty-eight year career, having worked in seven different VA facilities from the east coast to the west coast. In addition to enjoying time at home to work in the yard and on special household projects, Ms. Eck is currently working as a part-time health-system specialist with the Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle, Washington.

Executive Director

Rick Marshall is executive director of the VISTA Expertise Network. He founded the Network on 15 December 2006, incorporated it on 21 May 2007, and was elected executive director at the first meeting of the board on 19 August 2007.

Mr. Marshall is a health IT executive, policy expert, strategist, planner, architect, project manager, and entrepreneur specializing in VISTA enterprises and projects. He has served on the board of three organizations and founded and been chief executive officer at two, including the VISTA Expertise Network, which he runs.

Mr. Marshall's executive work is informed by deep technical mastery; he is a tier-five, master-hardhat VISTA developer who has implemented, programmed, written about, taught about, and strategized about VISTA for twenty-nine years. He served as a VISTA computer specialist with VA for nineteen years, including twelve years working on the Task Manager and File Manager software. He co-wrote VISTA Mastery, is writing a new book on VISTA policy and planning, and is editing the next MUMPS Standard. He is active in the VISTA community, including OSEHRA, WorldVistA, Paideia, MUMPS Books, and the MUMPS Development Committee.

Mr. Marshall also enjoys hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest, playing Dungeons & Dragons and Rock Band, and studying philosophy and morality.

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