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VISTA Software Lifecycle

VISTA is the result of a remarkable approach to software development called the VISTA software lifecycle. It is very different from the way most software is developed and results in amazing improvements in development productivity. It has never been documented, only used, but for an introduction to it here are eight points about it, a presentation, and the text of a speech the network gave about it in June, 2009.

Eight Essential Points

  1. VISTA Requires the VISTA Lifecycle.
  2. VISTA Requires Many Code Repositories, Not One.
  3. Managing VISTA Requires Many Authorities, Not One.
  4. Users must directly control VISTA's software lifecycle.
  5. Users and programmers need a shared forum.
  6. VISTA's software stream requires many tributaries.
  7. We should restart the lifecycle with just File Manager and Forum.
  8. We need to declare interdependence and form a confederation.

Speech (overview discussion)

Presentation (extended outline)