VISTA Enterprise Network - Successful Implementation, World Class Support

VISTA Expertise Network implements and supports powerful free and open-source healthcare software for public, needy, and underserved medical facilities.

The VISTA medical software developed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act. Not only is VISTA free, it is comprehensive, robust, and adaptable for small clinics (like the Washington, D.C. Public Health clinics) up to full-scale national networks (such as VA, U.S. Indian Health Service, and the Ministry of Health of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan). A thriving community of developers provides publicly-distributed patches and updates.

Our network's programmers and package experts have been involved in all major VISTA-related implementations worldwide. We work together with VISTA community organizations to advance our common purpose: improving people's health through better use of technology.

We welcome you to join us in fulfilling this mission.

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Current Events

Interested in keeping up with current events in the VISTA community? Check out the OSEHRA calendar.

News about the M2M Broker Security Patch released by OSEHRA.

The Fileman/Lab Agile Project (FLAP) has been busy producing updated versions of the Fileman 22.2 documentation. Check out our Resources page for HTML versions of the manuals.

Our most recent MUMPS Books release, VISTA Mastery, is now available!