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A non-profit network of experts helping
the medical community use Vista


Vista Expertise Network was created to assist facilities considering Vista implementation aas well as facilities already using Vista. As experienced professionals in health IT, we understand that each organization has its own unique needs and resources, so we tailor our solutions to your needs. Contact us for a free consultation on what solutions might be right for you.

These are some of our more frequently requested services:

. . . for those considering Vista implementation

  • Readiness assessment : Is your facility ready to implement Vista? What would need to be done to ensure a smooth transition? What obstacles need to be addressed? Our experienced team will study your current situation, report our findings, and provide recommendations.

. . . for new Vista implementations

  • Implementation and rollout : Our team will plan, install, and configure your new Vista system using a tested and proven phased-rollout method. By bringing Vista online one package at a time, we can minimize disruption and provide more guidance for new users.

  • Updating and expanding Vista packages : Integrating Vista into your facility’s processes and procedures can help streamline how you use the software, and improve your standard of care by making sure your checklists are followed and that your laboratory devices and other software can exchange data with your Vista system.

  • Configuration : It can take time to set up your facility’s data—lab orders, medication lists, chargemaster lists—and we can help get you up and running more efficiently.

. . . for new and existing Vista implementations

  • Training programs : We offer onsite and remote role-based training for users, service coordinators, and site support personnel.

  • Best practices : We have compiled the most successful policies, procedures, and principles of Vista practice, and routinely use these in our projects and training material. We can prepare and deliver a customized onsite presentation and report detailing the practices that apply to your organization, so that your staff will get the most of the Vista tools at their disposal.

. . . for existing Vista implementations

  • Readiness assessment : Are you looking to add new Vista services to your implementation? Need to make sure that Lab or Pharmacy support will work for you? Here again, our team can study your current situation, report our findings, and provide recommendations to help you be ready.

  • Requirements analysis : How well is Vista working at your site? Are there opportunities for improvement? What changes could you make to optimize Vista, and about how much would they cost? Our experienced team will analyze your system, report our findings, and provide recommendations.

  • Custom development : Our experienced developers can make upgrades and improvements for your specific needs consistent with VA’s Class I standards and conventions.

  • Maintenance : If your site has fallen behind on patching, catching up can be a daunting task. Allow our experienced team to bring your system up to the current version, or implement a plan to keep your system updated with the latest versions and patches.

  • Ongoing Support : Our affordable support plan for existing Vista sites includes Vista maintenance, troubleshooting, and a telephone hotline.

  • Interfacing : Vista will never lock your data behind a proprietary system. Allow us to connect your Vista instance to a secure web server, supplementary software, or specialized medical devices.


Vista Expertise Network gives the medical community access to healthcare informatics personnel with deep experience in every aspect of Vista’s implementation and support, including the internals of Kernel, File Manager, Task Manager, and every other available Vista module.

We have an extensive track record of successful work, including work done for