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A non-profit network of experts helping
the medical community use Vista

Our Mission

To improve people’s health by changing the way medical software is developed, distributed, and supported.

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About the Vista Expertise Network

Founded in 2006, the Vista Expertise Network is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization composed of computer professionals with a deep knowledge of the award-winning Vista medical software suite (and its variants, including CHCS and RPMS) to provide affordable support, development, advice, and hands-on assistance.

The Network’s experts include many of the original Vista architects, Vista package experts, documenters, software testers, and system administrators, offering their time and knowledge on a part- or full-time basis. Everyone at the Network shares a passion for Vista, and our focus is on helping medical facilities provide better medical care.

We also support the ongoing evolution of Vista at large, working to improve core facilities and adapt to and develop new technologies. We help fund and support the M Development Committee which is responsible for the ANSI-standard language Vista is based on, as well as the M Users Group, which provides a forum and resources for M programmers in any industry.

In spite of its successes, low cost, and worldwide reputation for excellence, the potential of Vista to improve healthcare and lower costs remains largely unexploited because its initial implementation requires significant technical resources. Fewer than 1% of hospitals and clinics in the US have taken advantage of this open-source, government-funded medical software solution; adoption rates are even lower internationally. At the Network, we seek to improve these numbers and ensure that more clinics and hospitals the world over have access to the very best in health IT.